Briefing Manager

The easiest way to publish news to Amazon Alexa!

“Hey Alexa, what's in the news?”

Briefing Manager lets you create your own flash briefing skill in Amazon's Alexa store, so you can share news about your organization or brand.

Our user-friendly interface makes publishing audio updates a breeze!

screenshot of briefing manager console
Sample flash briefing messages for a local community organization.

Briefing Manager Features

Use your own voice

You can deliver messages that use the built-in Alexa voice that everyone is familiar with, upload audio files, or record your voice right in your browser.

No programming necessary

Bring your flash briefing skill to market without any special software or computer programming code.

Make updates on the go

Our mobile-friendly interface works wherever you are.

Publish instantly

Publish your messages instantly, or schedule them for a later date.

We think the Amazon Alexa flash briefing feature represents an exciting new way for businesses and brands to connect with their audiences.

It's free to try. No credit card required. Create an account and get started!

Here are a Few Examples

Amazon flash briefings represent a whole new communication medium between you and your audience. Here are a couple of ways that various organizations could use flash briefings to connect with their audiences.

A fitness studio could use a flash briefing to communicate upcoming changes or provide daily inspiration.

From Jaime at Cycle Studio: “We're adding a new 6am spin session starting in February. Come sweat with us to start your day!”

From Jensen with Southside Yoga: “Take a moment. Listen to your breath. Winter's here. Take a deep breath and set an intention for your day. ”

A local contractor could use a flash briefing to remind residents about regular maintenance around the house.

From Jessie's Landscaping: “Leaves are falling - make sure your gutters are clear before the snow and ice starts. Our team is here to help if you're too busy. ”

A sports team could use a flash briefing to remind players up-to-date on training activities.

From Coach Casey: “We're entering the 3rd week of pre-season training. This week we'll run 2 miles as a team. Be sure to bring your running shoes to practice on Wednesday. ”

With Briefing Manager creating a skill is easy!

It's free to try. No credit card required. Create an account and get started!